Joey with Toby Click at Macon Museum of Arts & Science
Joey, Johnny, Phyllis, Al and Tommy Harrelson
Joey working with campers
joey autograph signing1
Joey with John and Bethany--new fans in the UK
Joey with Great at Q106 (2)
Joey with barbara and cotton
joey in hale noa in ohau 2
joey fan at Georgia Florida game concert
page 5 pic#26 friends
page 5 pic#13 celeb
page 5 pic #11 friend
joey autograph signing2
joey and deborah hightower
Joey with Hugo at Ivey House (1)
joey with fans
joey with fans 3
joey with fans 2
joey with fan from Georgia Florida game concert 2
Joey with fan at Cherry Blossom Festival
joey in oahu
page 5 pic#45 friend
page 5 pic#12 friend
page 5 pic #10 friend
our dome-joey and toby click
our dome-joey and rob sumowski
our dome-joey and dr dennis chamberland
our dome-joey and dr chamberland and toby click
joey and guitar winner
joey and christina
joey and cassandra
Joey with Naco at Ivy House gig UK
joey with heather higdon
Joey with Great at Q106
Joey with fans in Southpark, Colorado
joey at Hale Noa in Oahu

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Select favorites from some of Joey's top albums, plus a bonus tribute to Joey.
"When I was about 12 years old, I became a fan of public radio and the classic and modern radio shows they broadcast, not to mention the amazing music and news programs that are at the heart of public radio. I was very sick as a child as the result of a brain tumor which is also the reason I am blind. One of my favorite shows was made by the company ZPPR out of New York. George Zar one of the founders and I became friends. I called George once, at the age of 12 or 13 and told him I was a fan. I got letters from the cast of the ZPPR productions wishing me well and to get better and then they even named a character of the show after me. Here is a clip where that character was featured." —Joey
Album Record

Album Record

Still Me, Sane And Free
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Take A Walk In The Shadows
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Truth Is A Misty Mountain
Album Record

We'll See
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ZPPR Tribute to Joey