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Music Equals Healthy Living (August 20, 2018)

Scott HaskinOkay, we've all used our favorite, most rockin' playlist to get going in the morning - or to work off the 'Freshman 20', and, I dare say, we've all used an uptempo playlist to stay awake while driving long distances! We've even probably found some Classical or smooth Jazz music to wind down after a long, hard day at work.

But I believe that music has more benefits to the human body, mind, and spirit than we have fully realized.

That's why I was excited when Scott Haskin reached out to tell me about his most recent project Mental Sauna V: Maternity.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you, should you not be familiar with my work, that my wife is an advanced practice nurse and mid-wife, so I already drank the Kool-aid on music being of benefit for childbirth.

I am now quoting from Scott's official bio: "This project was recorded in the tuning of A=432 so as to resonate more with the human body than standard tuning. While geared toward parents from before the birth of their child through post birth home care, this music can be used by anyone for meditation, relaxation, yoga, sleep and more."

Mental Sauna V: MaternityThe music is definitely relaxing and Scott knows it as he actually warned me in an email not to drive while listening. I had to laugh as I am blind and if I am driving, something is very wrong!

It is important for us as humans to take time to work at relaxing and taking quiet time for ourselves. Recharging ones batteries is a necessity especially at the fast-pace we live and work now-a-days, so for you busy, stressed out folks Scott's project just might be the solution you've been looking for.

I think overall he has done a great job blending music and human health into a cohesive project.

I will just point out two things that I have to mention as a trained producer, recording engineer and composer.

I think there is some debate still to be had about this idea of recording at alternate pitch values for the musical note of A-440 has been the standard for a long long time. I won't go into the history of this or the many different tuning systems that we have created and abandoned over the time we have made music as humans. Also, I do have to say, and Scott probably has a good reason for this, but each song is in the same key and starts on the same note. Personally I think that isn't the best idea, but again, this is not to say that it doesn't work for the purpose of relaxing, just kind of bothers me from a musical production side of things and I wanted to make sure I was honest about this in case it bothers some of you out there.

I am glad Scott reached out to me and I hope you enjoy getting chill to his music.

To check out Scott's work please visit:

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